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"Constructivism said that everything is on your mind, the things that you know are not even exist"
Then, it's about how you see the things in your mind.
Be flexible like chameleon, to survive!
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So, bye old friends and welcome new friends?

What I am feeling right now„,
I know I am not as nice, funny, kind as they are.
Yeah, I cannot deny it if people changes so does you…

But, if I changed ..
Dont even bother to find me or ask me again ..
Because it’s time for you to accept the changes just like I did…

Time goes by, people come and go ..
It’s the pattern and thank you for time that we’ve spent ..

I am gonna miss you for the whole next year until I go back to Pekanbaru. Thank you for always loving me Mom.

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Our pictures are in Magazine. .
Hahahaha. .
Numpang eksis sdikit. .
Hihihihihi ..
Cant wait to see and read the new magazine!!!!
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