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"Constructivism said that everything is on your mind, the things that you know are not even exist"
Then, it's about how you see the things in your mind.
Be flexible like chameleon, to survive!
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Ya ampun Sefa.. You look so gorgeus in a odd way.. Hahaha..
#friend #president #university #student #housing #dormitory #candid

Too busy handling complaints for a short-fast selfie.. Hahaha.. =)

Have you feel being happy because of simple things?

It’s just like, you dont care what people are gonna say bout you because that little things really put a smile in your face.

Being happy is not about having or receiving something that sophisticated. But, it’s about having little things that really brighten up your day, make you special, make you realize that people care bout you.

You dont have to find happiness, just keep yourself wide open to see that simple things.

That simple things could be
1. Your parents’ smile
2. Some nice messages that you received
3. Chating or texting with someone :D
4. Found some money on your pocket
5. And many things

Hahahaha .. A little bit absurd but I am feeling happy today.
Thank you for brighten up my day. =)

Hahahaha.. Happy birthday ya Robert .. Dont you try to lie with me ya.. Don’t you know who I am ?? Dont mess with ex customer service ya.. 8-)

Hopefully in this new year of your life, more bless are coming to your way, wish you nothing but all the best ..
Like wiseman said being old is a must but maturity is a choice.
So, enjoy your process of maturity because it’s not the thing you can push it.
Learn from people around you, then you’re already on your way. ;-)

Sorry for the absurd birthday card ya .. I left my drawing tools in dorm, so I made it by borrowing my nephew’s drawing tools.
Once again, Happy birthday R0bert. Cant believe you’re already older than me.. Hahahaha #plaak

Hahahaha.. His respond.. Wkakakaka.. Did you realize today is april fool’s day?? Hahaha got you !!!

Someone’s got prank.. Hahahaha.. Suddenly, I’ve came up with an idea to do some april fool’s day .. Hahaha .. Sorry ya Aris .. 8-)

Found this on my album and I miss these people already.. Hahahaha .. It was our first internal meeting and I am glad to have you all..
We still have many months ahead and I am looking forward with all of you
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