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"Constructivism said that everything is on your mind, the things that you know are not even exist"
Then, it's about how you see the things in your mind.
Be flexible like chameleon, to survive!
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Hahahaha. . found this photo ..
How I miss those moments. .
Truth be told, ,it was exhausted but fun ..
My group was awesome! !!!!


Schedule for this semester…
I want to finish it as soon as possible …
Holiday come back soon!!!
#campus #firstday #newsemester #president #university

With lovely and gorgeus ce Cindy. .
Always take a photo ya …
#orientation #strivetobeinvincible #president #university #masterpiecenight

Kulitnya pada tanning gara2 invincible zone …
Hahahahaha …

Today is the DAY!!!!!!
hopefully, all the plans that have been made will run smoothly …

Every people have their own dreams,
And dreams are the thing that running through my vein..
Let this dreamcatcher catch all the dreams, running it through my vein and push me forward to make it happen.

Thanks to @heythattoo for this awesome tattoo. .


So, bye old friends and welcome new friends?